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New MRP payment option for ECAs!

We’ve recently opened up Member Rewards Points (MRP) as a payment option for all ECAs at TripleClicks. Previously, TC Members could purchase only TC Direct products using their MRPs. Now, members can use their MRPs to purchase ANY product at the store…including any of the many products listed by our ECAs!

This expanded purchasing option will be seamless for you as an ECA. You’ll still be reimbursed as usual for the amount you sell your items. However, given the popularity of MRP and the multiple ways that TripleClicks Members can accumulate them, this change could very well result in a significant uptick in sales for you!

If you’ve been holding off posting new products for sale at your ECA store, there’s never been a better time to expand your offerings at TripleClicks! Login now to your TripleClicks ECA Center to get started.

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