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TripleClicks LocalPay Program

If you haven’t reviewed our TC LocalPay Program, you owe it to your business and your customers to take a few minutes right now and check it out!

As an ECA, you know that in many countries, payment options for online transactions are limited. These payment restrictions are imposed by various financial institutions, and TripleClicks is required to adhere to them. But the good news is that you can use LocalPay to bypass those “roadblocks” and conduct transactions locally–in your own currency–with TripleClicks Members in your region. You can also allow your customers to pick up their products directly from you and eliminate their shipping charges.

Any legitimate seller or business can be an LocalPay ECA; there’s no limit to the kinds of products and services you will be able to offer.

To learn more about participating in the new LocalPay program, see:

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