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Give your customers a choice

Do you have a product in a variety of colors, types, or sizes? You could create a separate product listing for each variation–which could eat up A LOT of time–OR you could simply create a choice menu in a few minutes that you can use again and again for all your applicable items!

Setting up your choice menus is easy, and you can create and use unlimited choice menus in any of your listings. You can even create price differentials for your products, such as setting an extra amount for a special color.

Begin by logging into TripleClicks and accessing the Choice Menu Manager in your ECA Center.

Enter the menu name, nickname, and the first of your menu choices (i.e. small, medium, large or red, blue, green, etc.) into the appropriate fields. This first menu choice will be the default choice displayed and selected for your product. Be sure to also indicate whether selecting a choice on the menu will be required or optional for your customers. Click the + sign next to your menu choice field when you’re done. In the preview pane to the right, you will now see the menu choice you added.

Continue entering your menu choices, clicking the + sign after each entry. If you want to add an EXTRA cost for one of your choices, just enter the dollar amount in the field next to the choice field before you click the + sign. When you’re done adding your menu’s choices, click Save Choice Menu in the Preview pane.

Once created, your choice menu can be attached to any product you wish. Just go to your Listings Manager and click a product’s “View &/or Edit Details” page. Scroll down to the Choice Menus section, select your choice menu from the dropdown list, and click the ADD button. Click Continue at the bottom of the page. Your choice menu will now appear with your product.

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