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Promote your business free w/the ECA Customer Mailer

With the ECA Customer Mailer, you can send free messages–directly via e-mail–to all TripleClicks members who have connected with you…all with just a couple clicks! Use it often to promote your weekly or monthly sales, special offers, new products, etc.

And remember:  You can use Hot Deals and/or Closeouts to quickly and easily create special offers. To set up your special offers, just go to your Listing Manager and click the link(s) located on the right side of each of your products.

One more thing…

Did you know that when you post news to your ECA TConnect news feed, that it is automatically posted to SFI’s STREAM at the SFI Affiliate Center, where it will be seen by every SFI affiliate who has connected to you? As you probably know, SFI powers TripleClicks and is one of the world’s largest affiliate networks with more than 1.5 million affiliates in over 200 countries currently. As the ones who directly promote your products and services, SFI affiliates are also the “marketing muscle” behind TripleClicks.

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