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ECA payment option

It’s often a frustrating reality of online commerce that access to payment options vary widely around the world. In the past, many ECAs were blocked from choosing to receive their sales profits through PayPal and had to wait weeks for a TC-issued check to reach them in the mail.

But with the ECA payment option, you can choose to bank your sales profits in your TC account–which can then be accessed as currency at TripleClicks to purchase any product or service at the store!

You can select this option by:

1. Logging in to TripleClicks
2. Accessing your ECA Center
3. Selecting Edit account information
4. Clicking the Account Settings tab
5. Choosing the TripleClicks Member account option to fund your purchases


Promote your business free w/the ECA Customer Mailer

With the ECA Customer Mailer, you can send free messages–directly via e-mail–to all TripleClicks members who have connected with you…all with just a couple clicks! Use it often to promote your weekly or monthly sales, special offers, new products, etc.

And remember:  You can use Hot Deals and/or Closeouts to quickly and easily create special offers. To set up your special offers, just go to your Listing Manager and click the link(s) located on the right side of each of your products.

One more thing…

Did you know that when you post news to your ECA TConnect news feed, that it is automatically posted to SFI’s STREAM at the SFI Affiliate Center, where it will be seen by every SFI affiliate who has connected to you? As you probably know, SFI powers TripleClicks and is one of the world’s largest affiliate networks with more than 1.5 million affiliates in over 200 countries currently. As the ones who directly promote your products and services, SFI affiliates are also the “marketing muscle” behind TripleClicks.

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Use your product reviews to drive future sales

Positive product reviews often mean the difference between making a sale and losing a potential customer. In fact, customers often rely heavily on the stated experiences of other buyers when deciding whether to make a purchase.

But sometimes, product reviews are a mixture of positive and negative. Customers may state positive attributes about a product, while also including questions or shortcomings about the item. Sure, responding to the individual is vital for good customer service…but that mixed review remains attached to that product for all to see. Being able to respond publicly to that review will ensure that future customers can see you were responsive to the issue and addressed the problem or observation.

Make sure you’re not letting this important part of your TC storefront go overlooked!

Just login at and access your ECA TConnect page. Click the link of your chosen product, then the Product Reviews tab. Here, you’ll see a rundown of the type of reviews your product has received, i.e., how many recommend this product to a friend, how many would buy this product again, etc.

Below this summary, you’ll see a listing of all the actual reviews from each customer. If you would like to reply publicly to a given review, just click the Public Reply link, type your response, and click Respond. All TC Members viewing your product description will be able to see your reply, along with all your reviews. Your store visitors checking out the reviews will be able to easily view your responsiveness and superior customer service…increasing the likelihood that they will go on to complete the sale!


All New TripleClicks ECA News site!

Welcome to  the completely redesigned TRIPLECLICKS ECA NEWS site.  We really like it and we hope you will too.

Tip #1

So you don’t miss important announcements, sign up to receive an e-mail each time we post news.  See the “Follow” button located in the right sidebar to sign up.

Tip #2
Bookmark this page!  If you can’t access, head here to ECA News (–which is hosted on separate servers.  ECA News will most likely be fully accessible and may provide you with  information on TripleClicks hiccups, site maintenance, etc..

Tip #3
Instead of scrolling through pages of information, you can use the CATEGORY menu located in the right sidebar to display just the posts you’re interested in.


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