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New MRP payment option for ECAs!

We’ve recently opened up Member Rewards Points (MRP) as a payment option for all ECAs at TripleClicks. Previously, TC Members could purchase only TC Direct products using their MRPs. Now, members can use their MRPs to purchase ANY product at the store…including any of the many products listed by our ECAs!

This expanded purchasing option will be seamless for you as an ECA. You’ll still be reimbursed as usual for the amount you sell your items. However, given the popularity of MRP and the multiple ways that TripleClicks Members can accumulate them, this change could very well result in a significant uptick in sales for you!

If you’ve been holding off posting new products for sale at your ECA store, there’s never been a better time to expand your offerings at TripleClicks! Login now to your TripleClicks ECA Center to get started.

Get instant payments for your orders

logo-loccosoIf you haven’t had a chance to check out TripleClicks’ LocalPay program for ECAs, you owe it to your business to take a moment and do so NOW. In addition to bypassing international transaction “roadblocks” by conducting your transactions locally–in your own currency–with TripleClicks Members in your region, you can also get paid immediately–on the front-end–for orders you’ve fulfilled! What’s more, you can offer local pick up for your customers, eliminating bothersome shipping charges.

If you’re still on the fence about applying for a LocalPay license, consider this as well: The world is going more global all the time. Thousands of current and future companies will need local fulfillment/payment/delivery services, too. By being a member of our growing network and establishing a track record now, you can position yourself to take on other future clients and create an even larger order fulfillment enterprise for yourself.

Applying for a LocalPay license via your ECA Center is quick and easy. Just scroll down to the LocalPay License(s) section, and select the link. You can also visit these three TC pages for more information:

New business-building opportunity for ECAs!

screenshot_249We are pleased to announce today a new program for all TripleClicks ECAs (E-Commerce Associates).

Beginning this month, as an ECA, you will have the opportunity to be featured on a new ECA tab coming to the SFI homepage (TripleClicks’ parent company).

As a selected Featured ECA of the Day (FECAD), your company and products will be featured EXCLUSIVELY for 24 hours on the new ECA tab.  Thousands of our most actives affiliates will learn about your products and be able to connect with you with a single click.  And for checking out your ECA TConnect page at TripleClicks, affiliates will earn an Action VersaPoint, too!

In addition to being featured at the SFI Affiliate Center, you’ll ALSO be the featured ECA on our ECA tab at TripleClicks! Note: ECAs selling only SFI-related products can only be featured at the SFI Affiliate Center.

Our new FECAD program is a terrific way to build name recognition, gain invaluable exposure for your ECA offerings, and boost your sales!

If you’d like to secure one of these valuable and highly-limited slots, the first step is to apply at:

The minimum cost to be featured is 20 TCredits.  However, we are accepting bids up to 100 TCredits.  Higher bids will typically be given earlier slots.

Important: We are interested in featuring ONLY ECAs that project professionalism in all aspects of their operation.  Applications from ECAs that utilize poor images, typos or formatting errors, have below-average ratings, or that have unresolved customer complaints, etc. will be rejected.


Q: How many ECAs will be featured each day?
One.  You will receive exclusive visibility for a full 24 hours both at the SFI Affiliate Center and on the ECA tab at (ECAs selling only SFI-related products can only be featured at the SFI Affiliate Center)

Q: How long will it take for my application to get reviewed?
Just 1-3 business days typically.

Q: How will I know if my application is approved or rejected…and if the former, how will I know what day I’ll be featured?
Upon review of your application, you’ll receive an immediate email notifying you of the status of your application.  If your application was approved, the email will inform you of the date you’ll be the featured ECA.  We’ll also send you a reminder email the day before so you can make sure everything is in order for your big day.

Q: You state that viewers of the new ECA tab will be able to easily connect with me.  How can I then communicate with those who’ve connected with me?
Any news posts you do on your ECA TConnect page will automatically appear in Stream (at the Affiliate Center) for all who have connected with you.  You are also allowed to use our mailing system to send out–with just a single click–up to one email a week to all of your connections (See the “Send newsletter” link under Customer Communications at the ECA Center at TripleClicks).

Q: So my connections are a customer mailing list?
Yes!…and you should use this valuable asset you have as an ECA to promote your specials, sales, new products, etc.

Q: Can I apply to be a FECAD more than once?
Yes, though our exact policies on this are currently pending interest levels. Depending on interest and your bid, you may be able to be featured every 30-60 days.

Q: Is there urgency in applying?
Yes!  The sooner you get your application in, the better your chances of being featured in the near future (and for repeat featurings).  Also, note that we will be accepting a maximum of 60 applications to start.  Once we have 60 ECAs scheduled, you won’t be able to apply; you’ll only be able to get on a waiting list.

Q: What happens if there isn’t an ECA for each day?
For any day when no ECA has applied to be featured, the ECA tab will not be available.

Getting affiliates to promote your products

As always, it starts with quality. If you have quality products, reasonably priced, and presented well, you’ll undoubtedly attract affiliates. The next best thing to do is provide TripleClicks with the largest margin percentages possible. This is because TripleClicks awards the lion’s share of the margin you provide to the affiliate who referred the customer. Affiliates will naturally gravitate towards the products that will earn them the highest commissions. Find out more about growing your ECA business HERE.

Are you driving your potential customers away?

The fact is, if customers arrive at your ECA TConnect storefront only to be greeted with a skimpy, poorly written store description–or even worse, NO description–the answer is a resounding YES!

Along with your logo, your company profile appears atop your ECA TConnect Website and will be the first thing your customers see when arriving at your TConnect page. Its importance to your success at, therefore, is VITAL! A succinct, well-written, and meaningful business description free from spelling and grammatical errors could entice your visitors to stick around, review your products, and perhaps make a purchase (or at least keep you in mind for future purchases). Whereas, a shoddily written, cryptic, overly brief description will only convey an unprofessional attitude. And NO description just says “I don’t care enough to bother.” Any visitors who land on your TConnect page will most likely leave your storefront immediately, never to return!

Most likely, your goal is NOT to drive customers to other ECAs. Fortunately, you can fix this issue quickly and easily. Keep the sentences of your store description simple and straightforward and relevant to your business. Be SURE to include the following information:

1. The types of products/services you’re offering (i.e. handmade crafts and jewelry, proofreading services, etc.)

2. Why you’re a great choice for customers (i.e. years of experience, variety and/or quality of products, great customer service care, fast shipping, etc.)

Your business profile should NOT include:

1. Your SFI Gateway (if you’re an SFI Affiliate), nor any other URL address to any other site outside of Your TConnect page is your actual storefront and is strictly designed to showcase your retail business and sell your items and services at to customers. This is NOT the place to recruit affiliates or prospect for those interested in a business opportunity or redirect people to other Websites.

2. Information NOT related to your business. For example, although someone’s volunteer work with Meals on Wheels may be a positive life aspect, it’s really not relevant to his or her TC business selling cosmetics, electronics, or other unrelated items.

For more details and a helpful step-by-step tutorial, check out this section of your ECA Guide.


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